Your First Choice When Selling Spanish Real Estate

real_estateWhen you decide to sell your Spanish property, you want an agent with the knowledge, experience and power to market your real estate to the most promising markets.

Emerging markets in places like Bulgaria, Russia and the Far East can only be approached successfully by an agent or company with knowledge of that market’s unique needs. Worldwide Group knows these markets and knows the Spanish property market, and is in the best position to obtain the very best sales price for you.

Along with that experience comes several advantages. For example, the advert for your property in Spain will be professionally designed and translated into the necessary languages for placement in markets that attract foreign investors.

real estateWith a network of more than 300 websites, thousands of visitors visit the Worldwide Group’s Internet presence every day. Worldwide Group also has a team dedicated to the Russian market, as this area of the world has consistently demonstrated a high interest-and purchase ability-with Spanish real estate. Placing your property with Worldwide Group ensures you the best coverage for your sale.

Worldwide Group also offers free rental service. Receive rental income while your Spanish property sale is pending. With Worldwide Group you don’t need to let your property sit vacant while waiting for that buyer. You can receive rental income for either transient or monthly rentals, reducing your exposure and costs until the sale is finalized.

Even though Worldwide Group handles the details for you, you don’t have to give up control. You will have a dedicated log-in and password to their website and your personal advert. View the advert, see how many visitors have viewed your property online, amend the advert, or add photos or video.

Worldwide Group takes care of any interest from potential buyers, including management of inspection trips, the legal forms that may be required, as well as guiding you through the sale process for your property. They’ll make sure the correct forms are completed and signed timely, all local registrations are completed, and the sale transfer is recorded and monies remitted promptly.

Speak to one of the experienced agents at Worldwide Group today and ask for a professional consultation regarding the value of your Spain property. Ask for an example of a marketing plan and you’ll see the power behind a listing with the Worldwide Group.
As with any real estate transaction, it is critical that you find trustworthy experts to assist you with the process. At a very minimum, you will want bilingual experts unless you yourself are fluent in both languages; even then, a solicitor or real estate broker or buyers agent can keep an eye out for your interests and ensure that the property transaction is handled smoothly.

It is critical that you evaluate both your wants and needs when buying real estate in Spain. Consider how much money you have to spend, how much you can afford to borrow, if that will be part of the transaction, and where you would like to own property.

Whether the property will be put to personal use or used to generate income can also have an effect on how much can be loaned.

The property market in Spain appears to be rebounding, making now the perfect time to proceed with your investment decisions.